College Now - Credits with a Purpose

College Now Credits with a Purpose

  • A3 Academy of Arts & Academics
    A3HS Basis Healthcare
  • Churchill High School
    WCHS Basic Healthcare
    WCHS Medical Coding
    WCHS Medical Transcription
  • Cottage Grove High School
    CGHS Basic Healthcare
    CGHS Guidance ECE
    CGHS Infant Toddler ECE
    CGHS Medical Coding
    CGHS Medical Transcription
    CGHS Office Software Specialist
  • Crow High School
    CRHS Basic Healthcare
    CRHS Medical Coding
    CRHS Medical Transcription
  • Harrisburg High School
    HHS Office Software Specialist
  • Junction City High School
    JCHS Payroll Clerk
    JCHS Small Business Ownership
  • McKenzie High School
    MCHS Office Software Specialist
  • North Eugene High School
    NEHS Basic Healthcare
    NEHS Medical Coding
    NEHS Medical Transcription
  • Sheldon High School
    HSHS Office Software Specialist
    HSHS Payroll Clerk
  • Siuslaw High School
    SIHS Basic Health Care
    SIHS Medical Coding
    SIHS Medical Transcription
  • South Eugene High School
    SEHS Basic Health Care
    SEHS Guidance ECE
    SEHS Infant & Toddler ECE
    SEHS Medical Coding
    SEHS Medical Transcription
    SEHS Office Software Specialist
    SEHS Payroll Clerk
    SEHS Small Business Ownership
  • Springfield High School
    SHS Basic Health Care
    SHS Medical Coding
    SHS Medical Transcription
    SHS Payroll Clerk
    SHS Shielded Metal Arc Welder
    SHS Small Business Ownership
  • Thurston High School
    THS Shielded Metal Arc Welder
  • Willamette High School
    WHS Basic Health Care
    WHS Guidance ECE
    WHS Infant & Toddler ECE
    WHS Medical Transcription
    WHS Medical Coding
    WHS Office Software Specialist
    WHS Small Business Ownership