Drop Deadlines

Drop Deadlines

After enrolling for the term, you may decide to add or drop classes using myLane. You may drop classes up through the Last Day for Schedule Changes. This is the eighth week of the term for a class that runs the full term and is 8/12ths or 66% of the length of all classes. The deadline is midnight on the assigned date.

Please note that the refund deadline for classes is NOT the same as the drop deadline for classes.

Administrative Withdrawals

An instructor may drop a student for non-attendance. If a student does not attend at least 50% of the class sessions during the first week of the term, the instructor may choose to Administratively Withdraw the student.

Instructors are not required to administratively withdraw students for non-attendance. Do not assume an instructor will drop you from their class if you do not attend.

It is your responsibility to drop the class, in myLane, if you do not plan to attend. If the class is not dropped by the term Refund Deadline, you are responsible for paying the tuition and fees even if you never attended the class.

If you are unable to attend a class and do not want to take a chance on being Administratively Withdrawn, you must contact the instructor or department administrative office.

You cannot drop a class or change a grade option after the Schedule Change Deadline. However, you may talk to your instructor about getting an "I" (Incomplete) or "NC" (No Credit). You may add or decrease variable class credits until Midnight Friday prior to finals week.