About Child and Family Education

About Child and Family Education

"It takes a whole village to raise a child Raise her up, Raise him up.   It takes a whole village to raise a child Growing healthy, Growing whole." - An African poem

The Child and Family Education Department provides a whole village of support for children and families by providing quality child care, resource and referral services, and early childhood education instruction to staff, students and the community.


We Provide:

High Quality Services

  • Ensure that the system of child and family services and early childhood instruction, support student, family and community needs.
  • Provide families with information and support to make appropriate choices for their child.
  • Promote and support the development of a quality child care system.
  • Assess and evaluate services to measure progress toward outcomes that will result in program and instructional improvements.

High Quality Service Delivery

  • Provide programs that are developmentally appropriate in accordance with standards of the field.
  • Provide excellent experiences for young children that address all aspects of child's development and provide a solid foundation for learning.
  • Provide affordability strategies for services to accommodate Lane students and community families.
  • Provide programs and services that acknowledge and respect family and individual differences.
  • Collaborate with community programs ad services, including interagency referrals, to meet children's needs and respect family differences.
  • Ensure that teacher training programs are state-of-the-art and are based upon current knowledge of child development theories and best practices in early care and education.
  • Employ staff that has the education, experience and professional commitment necessary to meet the needs of children, adult students and families.


  • Collaborate and partner with key stakeholders to maximize delivery of services.
  • Provide leadership in policy decision making through involvement in professional affiliations, community outreach and community activities.
  • Maximize resources through coordination and efficiency of service delivery.
  • Manage resources responsibly and accurately account for their use.