Why Tobacco Free?

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Why Tobacco Free?

The students, staff, and administration all came together to make LCC campuses and centers tobacco free, with a few designated smoking areas on LCC's main campus. We invite you to use the resources offered here and join us in creating a better place to learn.

All Students and Employees

Did you know....
Tobacco use costs Oregonians approximately $2 billion? Read the full 2009 Oregon Tobacco Facts report.

Financial Impact on Individual
Buying cigarettes every day for 50 years @ $3.75/pack for generic or $5.25/pack for brand name. Money banked monthly, earning 5.5% interest 

Financial impact of smoking on individual graph

In addition to the many health benefits of quitting, there are financial benefits of quitting.

The financial costs of tobacco use can be substantial to a smoker, particularly when costs are accrued over a lifetime.

What three levels of smokers who buy cigarettes every day for 50 years at $3.75 for generic or $5.25 per pack for brand name (Marlboro) will have if they instead bank their cigarette money each month.** Prices based on 2005 costs in California markets.

Generic Marlboro
1 pack a day: $358,642 $502,098
1.5 packs a day: $537,962 $753,147
2 packs a day: $717,283 $1,004,196

** Assumes constant price per pack, an annual interest rate of 5.5% (not adjusted for inflation), and that the money was banked monthly. View the calculate the cost of smoking tool.