First Time User Login: myLane

First Time User Login: myLane

What is myLane?

myLane is Lane's student portal, where you can access any of your information as a student at Lane.

To get to myLane, look for the word myLane as an active link, which is located throughout Lane's website. Any of these will bring you to the login screen.

Logging in

In the box titled "User ID", type in your L number, and tab or mouse click down to the box titled "Passphrase". Type in your 12-16 character passphrase and click on the "Login" button.

What is your Passphrase?

If you are accessing myLane for the first time, you should receive a randomly generated 12-16 character Passphrase via email. After you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your initial passphrase once more; you will then choose a new passphrase which must be between 12-16 characters (letters and numbers). Otherwise, to change your passphrase click Change Passphrase in the Personal Information block on the MyLane home page.

What are the Security Questions?

You will next be asked to set Security Questions and answers. If you forget your Passphrase, there is a link on the myLane login screen to help you log in. When you follow that link, and ask to reset your Passphrase, your Security Questions will come up and if you correctly type your answer, you will be able to reset your Passphrase.

Be sure to choose questions and answers that you are confident you will remember and that will not change in the future if you forget your Passphrase.