Trespass Notice

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Public Safety
(541) 463-5558
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Jace Smith
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Vice President, College Services

This procedure to describes the circumstances under which a trespass warning may be issued, the procedure that will be followed, and the rights of those issued a trespass warning. Lane Community College is required to make adequate provision for the safety and security of students and staff.


Lane Community College is permitted by Oregon Revised Statutes 341.290 to control the use of, and access to college grounds, buildings, equipment, and other college property. Persons may be removed or excluded from the college for violation of college policy, Oregon law, or federal law.

Persons who receive a Trespass Notice from a Public Safety officer, or other officer of the college, must remain off all college property unless given specific permission to enter. Such permission may be requested from the Chief Public Safety Officer, (541) 463-5558.

For students, the Chief Public Safety Officer and the Executive Dean of Academic Affairs (or their designees), will be notified when a Trespass Notice is issued.

Trespass Notices may be issued under two conditions. 

1) When an individual has a relationship with the institution (student, staff, and faculty) and their behavior is disruptive to campus operations or poses a risk to the campus, a Public Safety Officer may require the individual to leave for the day (Temporary Trespass Notice). In this case the person (student, staff, or faculty) will be referred to their respective administrative process for follow up when they return to the campus.

2) Permanent Trespass Notices are issued for violations of college policy, the Student Code of Conduct, or Oregon or federal law for actions which pose a threat to the campus community, or which create a disruption of the College learning environment and/or College activities. Typically, but not always, these notices are issued to non-affiliated persons.

Persons who violate the Trespass Notice will be subject to arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass as provided by Oregon Revised Statutes 164.245.

Campus members are notified on a specific and individual case-by-case manner about trespassed persons. This notification is dictated when the safety of others is obviously compromised by the potential presence or return to campus of an individual. Such notifications may be generated by Public Safety or by the Threat Assessment Team, or by other College officers and representatives in collaboration with Public Safety, when such interests and concerns (community safety) are present.


Trespass - Unauthorized entry on land

Date Adopted: 
Thursday, May 1, 2003
Date Last Reviewed: 
Friday, July 31, 2015