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Students may request an incomplete grade (I) if they have some special circumstance that has occurred, and less than 25% of the course work remains to be completed. Students must initiate the Incomplete contract prior to the end of class. This procedure describes the steps a student should take, and the forms to complete, to initiate such a request; it also describes the responsibility of the course instructor after receiving such a request.


The issuance of an incomplete grade to a student usually occurs after the Request for Grade of Incomplete Form is completed and signed by the instructor and the student. When signed by both parties, this form becomes a contract with the responsibility for taking future action residing with the student.

The student initiates the request for the issuance of an incomplete. The instructor has the option of accepting or rejecting the request.

  1. When, for unavoidable reasons, the student is unable to complete all requirements of a course within the allotted time frame, a Request for Grade of Incomplete form may be completed by the student and signed by the instructor.
  2. If the student does not complete the work necessary to remove the Incomplete by the designated date, an "I" will remain on the student's transcript unless the instructor initiates action to change the incomplete grade. Action by the instructor is limited to changing the grade to the grade marked on the form following the statement, "the grade earned if the work is not completed."
  3. Subsequent exceptions or further consideration of the terms stated on the form must be approved by both the instructor and the vice president Academic and Student Affairs.
  4. When the student is not available to initiate the request (e.g., is in the hospital), the instructor may complete the form without the student's signature.
  5. A grade of Incomplete is appropriate when the student has completed the major portion (at least 75 percent) of the required work for the course and can reasonably be expected to finish the work.
  6. A grade of Incomplete is not appropriate for a variable credit course unless the student has nearly completed the final credit. Otherwise, partial completion is indicated by grading for fewer credits. (Flight labs are an exception to this case.  Students may receive an Incomplete in variable credits due to poor weather conditions for flying, aircraft unavailability, instructor unavailability, or other factors beyond the control of the student. In such cases, the student may receive an Incomplete for more than one credit. The student who receives an Incomplete may return the next term to complete the required flying credits).
  7. A student finishing a grade of Incomplete should not reregister for the course.
  8. It is the instructor's responsibility to complete and turn in a grade change form directly to Enrollment Services when the work is completed. Students may not hand carry any grade change forms.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015