Audiovisual Equipment Reservation

Audiovisual Services
(541) 463-3355
Primary Contact: 
Bill Schuetz
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Chief Information Officer

This procedure describes guidelines for staff reservation of audiovisual equipment.


The following lead-time guidelines must be observed when ordering equipment from Audiovisual Services.  Email should be used for placing equipment reservations whenever possible.  Phoned or written requests are also accepted.

  1. Requests for video projectors and video replay equipment must be placed no less than three business days in advance of desired use.
  2. Requests for multimedia carts must be received no less than five business days in advance of desired use.
  3. Requests for other audiovisual items must be received no less than two business day in advance of desired use, or by 3:00 p.m. on the previous Friday for a Monday reservation.

Note: Requests made "last-minute" may be honored, but will be subject to equipment availability, and the user's ability to acquire it in person.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Wednesday, October 1, 2003