Reusable Office Supply Exchange

Reusable Office Supply Exchange

ROSE Reusable Office Supply ExchangeFree Office Supplies!!!!

This is a wonderful self-service program where you may bring all those surplus supplies lying around your office that you know someone on campus must be able to use.  Itís also a place to find usable items that you need for your office FREE, no strings attached, saving all kinds of money and time on supply ordering for your department.

This program is available to all faculty, management, and classified staff and student groups.  Check it out before you make that next Boise Cascade order.

The ROSE Room is located in Building 10, Room 232.  It is open whenever the college is open.

Simply visit the ROSE room to look for what you need.  Take what you need back to your office and use.  No sign out is required.  

The ROSE open whenever the college is open.  If you find it locked, please contact Mike at extension 5569 to open it.

Appropriate Items
Pens, pencils, file folders, calculators, floppy disks, binders, staplers, scissors, or whatever office supplies youíve got.  Just make sure that all items are in working order.

Not appropriate
Furniture, computers, and computer peripherals should go to Surplus Property in Purchasing

Contact: Mike Sims, (541) 463-5569 or via e-mail at