Apply for Part Time Classes

Part-Time Classes at Lane

We are glad that you are interested in taking part-time classes at Lane and International Programs is pleased to assist you! We are located in Building 11 Room 235.

  • Step 1: If you are currently attending another school, meet with your academic advisor to determine which classes you need to take at Lane.
  • Step 2: If you are currently attending another school, meet with the International Programs department to get permission to take classes at Lane.

*If you are currently enrolled at the University of Oregon, meet with the International Affairs Office to get permission to take classes at Lane.

  • Step 3: Complete Lane's online application. Please see the Dates and Deadlines page for current deadline information. It is very important to complete both the online application and the Enrollment Process on time.
  • Step 4: After completing the online application, you will be sent an email containing your L-Number and myLane PIN number.

Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process is different for every student. Once you have logged into myLane you will be able to view any holds that exist on your account. These holds tell you which of the Enrollment Process steps are required for you.

Placement Testing Clearance

  • If you have college credits from another institution, you may be eligible to have Lane's reading placement test waived. To determine if you qualify for a waiver you will need to meet with an academic advisor at Lane. Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor at Lane.

Pre-Requisite Waiver

Prerequisites are the courses you have to take, or the level of proficiency you must demonstrate, in order to be prepared to take a certain class. You cannot register for a class if you have not taken the required prerequisites. If you have already taken the required prerequisite classes at another school, you may need to visit a particular department at Lane to have them clear you for registration. Bring all of your unofficial transcripts to the department that offers the class you wish to take. *Your name must be listed on your unofficial transcript in order for it to be accepted.

Department Locations

  • Writing Class - Language Literature and Communication Department (Center Building/Room 457)
  • Math Class - Math Department (Building 16/Room 166)
  • Science Class - Science Department (Building 16/Room 166)
  • Business Class - Business Department (Building 19/Room 137)

Academic Advising

An academic advising meeting may be required to resolve a hold on your account, or you may simply want additional advice! To speak with an advsior, please visit the Counseling and Advising Department or International Programs.

Advising Locations

Orientation Hold: If you see this hold on your account you will need to follow the link in myLane to complete the New Student Information Session.

Additional Information

Register For Classes

Please check Lane's website for student registration dates and times. Registration is done through myLane and can be accessed on the left navigation bar of Lane's homepage

Sponsored Students

Please be aware that many sponsoring embassies and other organizations may only pay your tuition and fees at the school that holds your I-20. Please contact them prior to enrolling in classes at Lane.