Apply for Part Time Classes

Part-Time Classes at Lane

We are glad that you are interested in taking part-time classes at Lane and International Programs is pleased to assist you! We are located in Building 11 Room 235.

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Meet with the International Programs department at your current school to get permission to take classes at Lane.

Step 2: Meet with the International Programs department to get permission to take classes at Lane, if you are currently attending another school.

  • If you are currently enrolled at the University of Oregon, meet with the International Affairs Office to get permission to take classes at Lane.

Step 3: Complete Lane's online application. Please see the Dates and Deadlines page for current deadline information. 

It is very important to complete both the online application and the Enrollment Process on time.

  1. Go to Lane's main webpage
  2. Click "Apply and Enroll" in the upper left corner
  3. Under Admissions, click on "Steps to Enroll" then click "INTERNATIONAL students enter here"
  4. Click "Complete the Online Application"
  5. Under "SUBMIT ONLY ONE APPLICATION FOR THE TERM" click on "Click this link to begin"
  6. Type an ID that you want in "Create Login ID" (Write this down in case you need to login again)
  7. Go to "Create a PIN" and enter a 12-16 digit number that contains only letters and numbers, at least one of each.
  8. Type the same number in "Verify PIN"
  9. Click "Login"
  10. This page requires you to Select an Application. Scroll down to the box, click the down arrow by admission type and highlight "International Admissions", then click "Continue".
  11. Choose the term you want to begin at Lane and enter your first and last name, then click "Fill Out Application"
  12. Fill out each section. On step 8 for Planned Course of Study choose "Direct Transfer of Credits" or your major. With these options, you will be able to register before the open registration date, and you will have testing and advising holds. The holds need to be cleared before registration.
  13. After completing all sections click "Application Complete"
  14. Pay the $50 processing fee with your credit or debit card. (You must pay the fee before we can process your application. If there is no option to pay, you completed the wrong application and you need to go back to step 10.
  15. You should see a signature page. You are now finished.
  • Once your application is processed you'll receive an e-mail with your Lane Identification Number (L#) and temporary MyLane PIN/PassPhrase for use in Step 5 below.
  • To verify MyLane access you'll need to log on to myLane and create a permanent PassPhrase and security questions.

Step 4: Complete the required New Student Information Session

  • All new Lane students will complete this self-paced online information session. You will need your L# and permanent PassPhrase to access this resource.

Step 5: Decide on your need to take placement tests

  • If you have not completed the math requirements for your desired program, major or degree and have not completed math within the past four terms (with a C- or higher), then schedule your math placement test now. If you have completed a writing composition course with a grade C- or higher at a previous college, you do not need to take the reading/writing placement test. Proceed to Step 5.
  • If you have not completed a writing composition course at a previous college, or you earned a grade lower than a C-, you must take the reading/writing placement test before you can register. Make a placement test appointment before proceeding to Step 6.

Students who completed any college courses go to step 6 (A)

Students who have NOT completed any college courses go to step 6 (B)

Step 6 (A): Drop-in for your required "Prior College" New Student Academic Advising Session

  • Find out when Prior College academic advising sessions are available.
  • If you have already taken the required prerequisite classes at another school, you may need to visit a particular department at Lane to have them clear you for registration. Bring all of your unofficial transcripts to the department that offers the class you wish to take.

Your name must be listed on your unofficial transcript in order for it to be accepted. Department locations are listed under "Additional Information."

  • This step must be completed before the term begins.
  • Students who have NOT completed any college courses go to step 6 (B)

Step 6 (B): Schedule a required "First Time in College" New Student Academic Advising Session

  • You must have completed Steps 1-4 before attending your New Student Academic Advising Session. Most importantly, without test scores you cannot be advised, and therefore you will not be able to attend the New Student Academic Advising Session.
  • First time college students can skip Step 7

Step 6 Must be completed by Friday BEFORE the term begins.

Step 7: Get registration clearance.

  • You will need prerequisite releases to be able to take classes in Writing, Math, Science, Economics, Business and many other subjects. In your advising session, ask your counselor or advisor about how to get prerequisite releases.

- Writing Class - Language Literature and Communication Department (Center Building/Room 457)
- Math Class - Math Department (Building 16/Room 166)
- Science Class - Science Department (Building 16/Room 156)
- Business Class - Business Department (Building 19/Room 137)

Step 8: Register for classes on myLane

  • Under the myEnrollment tab, choose the "When Can I Register? and View Holds" link to be sure you are cleared to register. If you have any holds, follow the instructions given on how to remove your holds.

Additional Information

Register For Classes

Please check Lane's website for student registration dates and times. Registration is done through MyLane and can be accessed on the left navigation bar of Lane's homepage.

Sponsored Students

Sponsor letters addressed to Lane need to be either emailed to or turned into Enrollment Services, Building 1 for tuition to be billed to the sponsoring agency. Please be aware that many sponsoring embassies and other organizations may only pay your tuition and fees at the school that holds your I-20. Please contact them prior to enrolling in classes at Lane.

Concurrent Enrollment

Full-time students with I20 held at UO are required to have a minimum of 6 credits at UO and are required to submit a UO Reduced Course Load form.