PTA Advisory Committee

PTA Advisory Committee

The PTA program appreciates the very important work of our Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee is always seeking new members from throughout Oregon who can help the program and program graduates meet local and local and statewide needs.

Evening meetings are held approximately once an academic term.  Committee members attend in-person, or via video conferencing.

Visit Lane's Advisory Committee informational webpages for more information about the role and responsibilities of program committee members.

Fall Meeting Date: November 4, 6:30-8

2013-2014 Advisory Committee Members

Chair, Rick Bocko, PT, Infinity Rehabilitation, Eugene, OR
Vice Chair, Dennis Wilkerson, PTA, Pinnacle Healthcare, Royale Gardens, Grants Pass, OR
Jill Andrews, PT, Slocum Orthopedics, Eugene, OR
Heather Chavin, NAIOMT, Portland, OR
Maggie Cooper, PT, Corvallis Physical Therapy, Corvallis, OR
Julie Embree, PT, ATC, Slocum Orthopedics, Eugene, OR
Camilla Fortune, PT, Slocum Orthopedics, Eugene, OR
Joan Globus, PT, Peace Health University District, Eugene, OR
Donovan Riley, PT, Valley West Health Care, Eugene, OR
Debbie Schade, PTA, Southwest Physical Therapy, Coos Bay, OR
Candace Taylor, PTA, Pinnacle Healthcare, Highland House, Grants Pass, OR

Minutes from past meetings:

                              |Fall 2013
Summer 2012
|Fall 2012 | Winter 2013 | Spring 2013
                              |Fall 2011 | Winter 2012 | Spring 2012