Patient Resources

Patient Resources

LCC Employee Wellness Program offers several services: "Know Your Numbers", "Aging Parent Support Group", diabetes and smoking cessation information. Visit Wellness.

Disability Resources (Resources Available to Persons With Disabilities): For more information on additional services to disabled students, please visit the Disability Resources web pages.

Family Planning Expansion Services: Please visit Oregon Department of Human Services web site for eligibility information and forms.

Counseling Services: Lane offers mental health as well as academic counseling. Please visit the Lane Counseling Department.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Counseling: Associated with the Health Clinic is the Substance Abuse Prevention Program at Lane. In addition to receiving assistance and information about substance abuse in the clinic, the Substance Abuse Prevention Program is an excellent resource and offers treatment plans and counseling for Lane staff, students, and their families.

If you do not find a specific service listed here, please call the Health Clinic office (541) 463-5665.