Foundation Forms for Staff

Foundation Forms for Staff

How to access money in your Foundation account

If you are an authorized signer on a Foundation account, you may access departmental funds by completing a Check Request Form and attaching documentation (receipt/invoice/etc.) for the expenses. You may choose to have your Foundation funds transferred into your college finance account (FOAP), request a check (direct mail or pick-up), or transfer to a student account.

To access the fillable versions of our forms, please click the link/icon (.pdf) of the form you would like to use, choose to download the form using the browser menu buttons, and then choose "Open with Adobe Acrobat" and click OK. You may need to save the document as a .pdf to your desktop and then open the document from your desktop.

To inquire on account balances, please call Jeri Steele, Accountant, at (541) 463-5810 or Shelby Anderson, Database Coordinator, at (541) 463-5135.

Guidelines For Requesting Disbursements - Before seeking payment or reimbursement from the Foundation, please see this page.

Check Request Form - If you are seeking payment or reimbursement from the Foundation, please complete this form.

W-9 Form - Required for payments to individuals and non-incorporated businesses.

Deposit Transmittal - Deposit Transmittal for College Finance or Foundation Funds.

Instructions for Deposit Transmittal

In-Kind Donation Form and Instructions - Please see this page to determine how to value and document an in-kind gift. Please seek advice from a certified public accountant or other tax professional when claiming in-kind donations for tax purposes.

Request for New Account Form - To request a new Foundation account (fund/project).

Request for Account Revisions Form - To add, remove or change authorized signers or make other Foundation account revisions.