Reverse Transfer program

Reverse Transfer Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reverse Transfer Program?

The  Project Oregon Reverse Transfer (PORT) Program was created in the fall of 2012 and is the result of a grant of  $450,000 from the Lumina Foundation to the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development and the Oregon University System.  The grant provides funds for the OUS institutions and Oregon community colleges to set up systems which will allow students enrolled at Oregon 4 year institutions to transfer back credits to earn degrees and certificates from the 2 year institution from where they transferred.

The PORT was created to provide students with an easy mechanism to earn 2 year degrees and certificates, which also supports Oregon's goal of 40-40-20 by 2025, which is to have 40% of all residents earning bachelors, 40% earning two-year degrees and 20% earning high school diplomas.

Why would I want to participate in this?

By having your transcript sent for free from the University of Oregon to Lane Community College, you are providing an opportunity for Lane Community College to assess whether you have earned a Lane degree or certificate from the credits earned at both the UO and Lane.

Students who earn an associate's degree on the way to earning a bachelor's degree not only create a faster and more efficient track to graduation, but earning the degree or certificate provides an additional credential that can make students more competitive when applying for jobs and scholarships.

Studies show that students who are awarded a reverse transfer associate's degree are more likely to stay in school and finish the 4-year bachelors' degree.

Ok, I am interested, what do I have to do?

Students who meet the criteria for the program will receive an email notification from the UO Registrar's Office.  Simply log into DuckWeb and arranged to have your transcripts sent for free to Lane Community College.  Then send an email to titled "Reverse Transfer Program" to let us know that you want to have your UO credits reviewed for the degree or certificate program of study you had at Lane before you transferred.

Will earning a degree or certificate at Lane hurt my chances for financial aid at the University of Oregon of affect my standing at the UO in any way?

No, participation in the Reverse Transfer Program and earning a 2-year degree or certificate will not impact your aid eligibility at the University of Oregon or impact your progress toward earning a degree at the UO.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Helen B. Garrett, Dean of Enrollment Management Systems
Phone: (541) 463-5686