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Lane Child and Family Center

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Enrolling ages 30 months to 5 years.

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Program Philosophy

An Early Childhood Education lab school is a unique learning environment set up to meet the diverse needs of students, teachers and the children and their families.

The philosophy of our program is to encourage and support the optimal development of each child through a play-based curriculum that emphasizes exploration and discovery. In all aspects of program planning the priority is for each child to develop a positive self-image.

We believe that all areas of development (cognitive, social-emotional, physical, creative) must be considered, planned for and represented in the classroom. This process is facilitated through the teachers' observing and documenting the rich and varied interests of the children.

We strive to promote the professional growth of our students by promoting and implementing a strong learning foundation for the children, their families and all students in the Early Childhood Education community.

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Our program philosophy is put into practice through an approach called "Emergent Curriculum". Emergent curriculum is a method which allows learning activities to evolve from the interests of the children as well as the interests of the teachers. Both adults and children have initiative and make decisions. The power to impact curriculum means the adults provision the environment and add provocations of what interests the children, and the children expand their knowledge by actively exploring materials.

Information is gathered by observing and documenting what the children are doing. Teachers present opportunitites to expand on the children's interests. We believe that play is children's work. Providing rich play opportunities with purposeful planning in developmentally appropriate ways supports children's learning and the development of a positive self esteem.

Families are a vital part of our program's curriculum. We value the interests, concerns and diversity of the families in our program and encourage families to participate in our day to day activities. Please talk to your child's teachers if you are interested in participating.

The Child and Family Center is a Nationally Accreditated, State licensed center located on the main campus. Enrollment is open to community, staff, and student families. The center is open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm., Monday - Friday and serves children 30 months to five years old. Families can enroll at any point throughout the year. Parents who are interested in enrolling are encouraged to visit the center and observe the program in action.

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