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Human Resources
Human Resources
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Dennis Carr
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Chief Human Resources Officer

The college may occasionally initiate the reassignment of an employee in response to emergency or special circumstances. This procedure provides examples of special circumstances, characteristics of reassignments, and general guidelines for choosing reassignment over other options.


The college may occasionally initiate the reassignment of an employee in response to emergency or special circumstances.

Examples of special or emergency circumstances include remedial action necessary to resolve a complaint, provide disability accommodations, accommodate a worker's compensation injury, and/or take corrective action in response to a union or administrative grievance.

Reassignments are characterized by the following elements:

  1. Are involuntary personnel actions;
  2. Are initiated by the college to reassign an employee;
  3. Are permanent;
  4. The original position is generally vacated, except under special conditions; and
  5. Are generally lateral and do not involve a change in pay, rank or status, except under special conditions.

Reassignments are subject to the following general guidelines:

  1. Will take place only if they are necessary for business operations and/or are consistent with the needs of the institution and with corrections necessary to address special or emergency circumstances;
  2. Will not be used as a method for circumventing standard procedures for providing employment opportunities;
  3. Will not be approved if and/or when it can be determined that the rights of other qualified individuals to compete for the "new" position transcend the identified business necessity; and
  4. Will conform to the provisions of the classified contract.

Reassignments must be approved through administrative channels, including review by the directors of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources.

Questions about the reassignment process can be referred to the Office Operations unit in Human Resources.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Sunday, September 1, 2002