Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

Conference and Culinary Services
(541) 463-5672
Primary Contact: 
Brian Kelly
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Executive Dean, Academic Affairs, Career Technical

This procedure describes the circumstances under which alcoholic beverages may be brought onto and served on College property, and the procedure for requesting such an exception. The presence or use of intoxicants and controlled substances on College property, except under certain circumstances, is forbidden.


Wine and/or beer may be served at an authorized campus event with prior approval from the director of Conference and Culinary Services.

Conference and Culinary Services will purchase and retain control of all alcoholic beverages served on campus.


A letter requesting permission to serve wine or beer must be sent to the director of Conference and Culinary Services at least 30 days before the event so proper Oregon State Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) permits can be obtained.  The letter must specify:

  1. Type of event;
  2. Sponsoring organization;
  3. Responsible contact person and phone number;
  4. Location of proposed service;
  5. Date and time of service;
  6. Number of persons attending; 
  7. Any minors in attendance; and
  8. Account to be charged (cannot be a general fund account).

Please note that OLCC assesses a fee of $25 for each 5-hour period that alcohol is served and for any amount of time beyond a 5-hour increment (e.g., a 5-1/2 hour event is $50).  This fee will be charged to your account.

Conference and Culinary Services will provide servers who possess a valid OLCC Service Permit in compliance with Oregon State Law (Oregon Administrative Rules 845-004-0025, Oregon Revised Statutes 471.267 and ORS 472.117). 

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014