Customized Training and Professional Development

Targeted Employee Training with Outstanding Results

Man teaching in front of classroom photoEffective and beneficial classes that are built around the needs of your business.
Ensure the growth of your company by optimizing every aspect of your employees and processes.

Helping Your Business Grow through Customized Training:

Providing innovative and cost-effective training options and consultation for local employers of any size.

Offering a large pool of local expert instructors to provide engaging and relevant customized content that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Investing in your employees and management team can:

  • Improve operations
  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize performance in your business

"Incredibly thought provoking...the most comprehensive customized training I have ever had." —Slocum Orthopedics representative

"This class has been invaluable: I'd never have learned so much so quickly from a book or online tutorial!" —Levi Strauss representative

More Than 30 Years of Excellence in Customized Training Programs for Lane County Businesses. 

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