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Transiciones staff 2009At this time, the Transiciones Program Advisor position is vacant, and there are no Transiciones activities or courses offered through the Women's Program.

If you need assistance with admissions or enrolling at Lane,
please contact:
Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe
Student Recruitment and Outreach

For information regarding English as a Second Language,
Leilani Perez Mayo
English as a Second Language


Transiciones is a program to help Latinas to explore educational options, build self-esteem, develop healthy communication skills, provides academic support, and find financial assistance for college.  
The program offers:

  • Individual and group bilingual/bicultural advising and support
  • Orientations in Spanish for women starting at Lane
  • Workshops on applying for scholarships
  • Credit and noncredit classes in Spanish
  • Networking and community resource connection