Lane Website History

Early History of Lane Website

The Lane Community College brand / font was incorporated by Thad Cowdin color scanning Bill Fletcher's business card.

The IT staff at LCC, fought hard for the domain name "" resisting the trend to use the more cumbersome "" lexicon.

The LCC IT staff took a very controversial academic position to put the college network behind a security "firewall". That decision was pivotal toward the decision to use the CERN httpd web server software, because it was designed to be used as a Proxy Server.

The LCC IT staff registered their web presence with CERN; we not sure exactly where we came in at but suspect LCC's web presence was within the first few thousand or so global web servers with our presence in May / June 1995.

Depending on the timing of our web presence (unofficially the page was visible March - April 1995) LCC's presence was within the first 23,500 global web servers. It is estimated there were around 10,000 servers by the end of 1994. Test mounts of the code were in late 1994 / early 1995. Ref: alone is estimated to have between 900,000 and 1,000,000 servers as of 2011.

The original web server software came from CERN as source code, had to be compiled and customized on brand new network servers Thad and Bill were in charge of, but they had absolutely no "software" to run anything on the internet. We had retrieved the CERN code shortly before CERN transitioned its invention and support to the organization.

The WWW graphic was retrieved from the CERN web site. The creator of that graphic was created by Mr. Robert Cailliau, a key CERN resource, proponent of the nascent WWW, and author of the Samba (MacWWW) browser for Macintosh ref:

The web search references on the lane home page for historical preservation those URLs' went to; one such location has been resurrected: others included:

* Altavista

* Web Crawler

* Meta Crawler (actually searched multiple search engines with a common query)