Web Guidelines

Lane Web Guidelines

Interested in the Web?

You can read about our redesign process and other changes on the Lane Web Team Blog.

Our website is defined as any page administered under the organizational structure of Lane, regardless of funding source or server location. Pages that can and should be included on Lane's website are for any activity administered under the organizational structure of Lane and consistent with our mission. Lane is liable for any material on its site.

Our website domain, www.lanecc.edu, is visited over three million times every year, and on busy days is seen by as many as 15,000 unique visitors. The standards found in this guide help maintain the quality of content found on our website, improve usability, and ensure accessibility for all visitors. We also want to help avoid duplication or inconsistencies in information and to ensure that department heads and web editors are aware of basic guidelines.

Each department head, committee, or project group has responsibility for the accessibility, content, formatting, and functionality of their web pages created/maintained by their assigned staff on Lane's site. For each department, an "editor," someone who has received Drupal training through IT to maintain pages, is identified. With the supervision of the department head, the web editor has access to update and maintain their web pages.

Please contact Lori Brenden, either through email at brendenl@lanecc.edu or at (541) 463-3482 with any questions, or to ask for assistance with any web related issue.