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Business Resource Center (BRC): Bldg. 19, Room 249
Contact Fatima Farje at (541) 463-5799 or farjef@lanecc.edu

CIT Computer Lab: Bldg. 19, Room 135 
Contact: Mari Good (541) 463-5823 or goodm@lanecc.edu

Foreign Languages: Center Bldg., 4th floor
French: Center Bldg., Room 451
Contact: Karin Almquist - almquistk@lanecc.edu
Spanish: Center Bldg., Room 450
Contact: Bojana Stefanovska - stefanovskab@lanecc.edu

Math Resource Center (MRC):
Math 10 - Math 97: Bldg. 16, Room 169
Math 105 and up: Bldg. 16, Room 177
Contact: Kristina Holton (541) 463-5878 or holtonk@lanecc.edu

Music Lab: Bldg. 6, Room 125
Contact: Alberto Redondo (541) 463-5649

Science Resource Center (SRC): Bldg. 16, Room 193
Contact: Star Glass (541) 463-5041

TRiO/TRiO STEM: Bldg. 1, Room 219
Contact: (541) 463-3131

Tutor Central: Center Bldg., Room 211 (NE Corner)
Math 10/20, Computer skills (Moodle, CS120, CIS101, International)
Contact: Liz Coleman at (541) 463-5783 colemanl@lanecc.edu

Writing Center: Center Bldg., Room 211 – In Tutor Central
Assistance with all stages of the writing process for all classes.
Contact: Casey Reid (541) 463-5282 reidc@lanecc.edu

Online Tutoring: Visit eTutoring.org and login with your L# and pin
All attending students will be asked to add a non-credit, tuition-free CRN# once per term for funding.