Become a Tutor

How do I become a tutor?

Who me? A Tutor?

  • Are you a student taking at least 6 credits per term?
  • Are you a good communicator?
  • Do you like to help your classmates understand the material you are studying?
  • Do you enjoy working with other students in processing new information?
  • Can you identify what subject(s) you are most skilled at, comfortable with, and have successfully completed at least one year of college classes?
  • Are you considering becoming a teacher someday?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, tutoring may be a good job or volunteer opportunity for you. Tutors earn minimum wage and work between 3-12 hours per week. 

General Description of Duties:

  • Assess individual student needs and refer the student to appropriate Lane services
  • Work with students on an individual basis to enhance deeper learning of a subject
  • Exhibit a positive welcoming attitude
  • Be open, flexible, and willing to learn
  • Demonstrate a commitment to student success in coursework
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully. Listen carefully to understand and paraphrase student question.
  • Work productively with students and staff from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds including, but not limited to: students of color; bilingual students; international students; students from various cultures; LGBT students; students with disabilities; and life-long learners.
  • Demonstrate the learning process, show alternative methods of completing work, and encourage practice opportunities
  • Lead small group study sessions
  • Use the computer, including the Internet and some online platforms, for tutoring
  • Accurately track students' hours spent in tutoring
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Encourage students to provide feedback via tutor evaluation forms
  • Follow guidelines and duties outlined by the college and the coordinator in the area in which you tutor. Tutors are expected to successfully complete the regular level Tutor Certification Course (CRLA), which is tuition free and available through Lane Community College.

How do I become a paid tutor?

In addition to using community and student volunteers, tutors are hired from several different funding sources:

Are you a student at LCC taking 6 or more credits?

If so, visit Lane Job Connection. Under Lane Job Connection, tutoring jobs are posted in two ways, and new tutors can begin at any time of the year, although most positions are filled in the fall.

  1. Students who have work-study awards (check your financial aid award) will click on work-study, on-campus jobs.
  2. Current students without work-study funding will apply for on-campus, non work-study jobs (Learn and Earn.)

In both instances, the coordinators of the different tutor centers have jobs posted. If you see an opening, apply. Please follow up with the coordinator of that subject area via phone or email.

Interested in Technology?

Do you have an interest in Technology? LET's hires students to work in a variety of computer related positions, including computer labs. Check out LET's jobs on Lane Job Connection. Follow this link and choose Non Work-Study On-Campus Jobs, then look for LET's in the job name.

Non LCC students: Some of the centers (Math, Sciences, TRiO and TRiO STEM, and Athletics) require more education and expertise, thus hire from the community. Take a look at the Lane Employment Opportunities site. Under "part-time classified staff" any tutor openings will be listed along with application requirements.

Most areas hire tutors in the fall for the academic year. Many tutors work for several years, so there may not be openings in every subject area every year.

How do I become a Volunteer?

Contact the coordinator of the area you would like to tutor to see if you are qualified and it is a good fit. If you want an overview of the subject areas, contact Liz Coleman (541) 463-5783 or for general information. You can also contact the coordinator of your subject expertise directly.

Do I get trained?

LCC offers tuition-free 1 credit classes at three levels for tutors. These trainings are certified through College Reading and Learning Association. Once you are placed in a position, you will be directed to the certifying course.

Let the fun begin!

It could be the most rewarding job you've ever had.