Hanna's Word on Scholarships

Remember Hanna? The brilliant student who finished two degrees at LCC and never took student loans?

Hanna visited us on February 11, 2014. She shared her experience about paying for her education with the only economic source of scholarships.

By the time you read this, Hanna might be enjoying life without being worried about paying back student loans for the years to come. During her entire time at LCC, she never accepted any loans; all she did was applying for scholarships. She describes scholarships as "best part-time job"

Keeping records, writing effective essays, developing time-management skills, were just some of the keys to Hanna's success. Hanna set her personal goals, as she applied for a specific number of scholarships a week.

"Don't think you don't deserve a scholarship, and don't sell yourself short" are some of Hanna's encouraging and inspiring words to those who still don't believe it is possible to pay for education without acquiring unthinkable debt.

"Invest in your future now" Hanna says, "Maintain a positive attitude regardless of how difficult the circumstances may be"

Graduating from college is a challenge, but it is more challenging to pay back your student loans. Hanna says: "It is possible to pay for school with scholarships". And the best news: We can assure you Hanna is not the only one.

"I can't promise you will get that many but I can promise you won't get that many if you don't apply"..."Kind of like playing the lottery" Hanna says. So... Are you still waiting for this money to slip off your hands?

Investing five hours of your time to complete one application will pay great dividends in your future. You may not be thinking now about having an extra $500 or $400 dollars a month in the future.

It is likely however, that if you don't apply for scholarships today, you will be disappointed when time comes to pay back your student loans! Invest in your future now!

Want to know more about Hanna's courageous story? Click the link to watch her story:

Hanna's Video

Mathematics Virtual Tutor

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Luna's Scholarship Application Tips

  • In two short presentations, Luna provides tips to get you started on your scholarship application. Luna provides ideas to help you begin your writing. After you've done your essays, come into the TRiO STEM office for help with editing.
  • Start early. The early-bird deadline for OSAC is February 16; the final deadline for OSAC is March 1; the LCC Foundation's deadline still needs to be announced but will most likely be around that time.

Part 1 - Getting started:


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Campus Resources

Video: Sending Yourself a Reminder Email about Campus Deadlines - Lane Events Calendar has a tool that can send you an email to remind you about campus deadlines such as "last day to drop" or "first day of registration." Learn how to set up this function in this step-by-step video tutorial.

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