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These are the TRiO and TRiO STEM staff that you may meet when you are in the TLC offices. Here you will get to know something about each of them. They will assist you while you are a member of TRiO.


A picture of Dr. Jane Reeder

Dr. Jane Reeder
TRiO & TRiO STEM Director

Originally from England Jane holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from Oregon State University and is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the TRiO/TRiO STEM programs. She enjoys meeting and guiding students and working with everyone on the TRIO team to guide and help you graduate.

A picture of Gwen Polk

Gwen Polk
TRiO & TRiO STEM Admin Support

Originally from Scotland, with a background in Forestry, Gwen began working at Lane in 2012. Gwen prefers a very busy workplace without dull moments and loves working with both TRiO & STEM programs. She really likes how TRiO staff and students work closely together to create a great feeling of Student Success!

A picture of Beth Pfeiffer

Beth Pfeiffer
TRiO Advisor

Beth advises students on how to do college. Beth connects students with resources on campus or in the larger community so students can stay focused on school and stay in college. Beth also helps students find job or transfer on to a university. Beth's background is in Career Advising and Student Services. She enjoys walking/hiking and putting her feet in the water.

A picture of Lisa Bohanna

Lisa Bohannan
TRiO STEM Advisor

Lisa is here to guide and coach you on how campus procedures work and how to use campus resources. Some examples of questions she can assist you with include: how to choose classes, balance school and home, apply for scholarships, talk to your instructors, dually enroll at a university, or how to get ready to work. She can assist you if you are having academic difficulties and cheer you on when you have academic successes. Lisa’s background is in Career Coaching, Human Resources, and Applied Psychology.


Jocelyn Valencia-Chavez
TRiO and TRiO STEM Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-463-3135


A picture of Lynn Galle

Lynn Galle
TRiO STEM Tutoring Coordinator

Lynn received her AAOT at LCC. She has worked as a tutor at TRiO, the SRC, and at TRiO STEM. She holds a Tutor Certification Certificate. Lynn's long term goal is to teach and help others grasp new ideas, and expand her own knowledge base.