Virtual Remote Testing

Virtual Testing

New students may take their placement tests at no cost in-person at Lane Community College main campus, Cottage Grove Center, or Florence Center. The option to take the Accuplacer Reading and Writing test virtually is also available for $25. We also offer the math placement ALEKS PPL virtually ($22 for up to three hours, additional fee for same day testing).

Virtual online testing allows you to have your Accuplacer and/or ALEKS test proctored online from just about anywhere, even at home. You will need a fast internet connection, speakers, and a camera on your computer. You must have an appropriate student identification number (Lane CC L#) which you will receive by email once you complete your admissions form when following the “Steps to Enroll”. 

Note: Retesting will cost an additional proctoring fee and will require a new voucher request form.

  • Virtual Testing deadlines, and on-campus in-person testing deadlines to enroll are the same as shown in the Lane Community College "Steps To Enroll".
  • Your computer must meet the technical requirements for testing.
    • Examity® system requirements are:
      • You must take the exam on a desktop computer or laptop (not a tablet, Chromebook or cell phone).
      • You must have a working built-in or external webcam and microphone. Troubleshoot problems with your webcam or microphone at: Webcam Check
      • Your Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended. Determine your Internet speed by running a test at: Speed Test
      • Run an Examity Computer Requirements at: Computer Readiness Check

To continue with the Virtual Testing process, follow these steps:

Step 1: If you have already completeted the placement survey, fill out the “Virtual Test Voucher Request” form.


Accuplacer (Reading and Writing) testing instructions

Step 2: Wait for an email response to come to you from Accuplacer with your 8 digit voucher number. Important! Do not attempt to test without the voucher number or you might lose the $25 fee.

Step 3: Register for online proctoring, selecting “Lane Community College - US” from the drop menu. In the event you need to reschedule or cancel your test, follow the instructions to do so on this account.

Note: Examity uses the term Voucher Number on their testing appointment notes, it is not the same as a Accuplacer Voucher Number.

Step 4: After receiving your 8 digit voucher number from Accuplacer, make your testing appointment through Examity. You should select the “Schedule Exam” page and the complete your profile (if necessary) then go back to schedule exam.

Step 5: Select Institution Name: “Lane Community College - US” -> Exam Name "Accuplacer"

Step 6: Choose your requested date and time from the calendar option. The time you are choosing is your local time zone (the time zone you selected when registering)

Step 7: Enter the Accuplacer voucher number that was issued to you via email

Step 8: Continue with the final instructions given (including payment).

Step 9: You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your online proctored placement test.  Please keep this email as it includes specific instructions to test on the date and time you have chosen.

ALEKS (Math) testing

Step 2: Wait for an email response to come from you from Examity indicating that your student account has been set up at Lane's Examity site.

Step 3: User name will be provided in the email, and a one time password will be used (you will be asked to set a password).

Step 4: Set up your Examity profile and schedule the exam "ALEKS PPL Lane" (Examity Guide).

Step 5: Prior your testing date, please enter your L# and myLane password at the following link to pair your ALEKS account: ALEKS account creation
(Note: If you are on a public computer, please click this link to end the session: ALEKS logout)

Step 6: Please complete the survey and tutorial prior to testing as this will save you time while testing and help you become more familiar with the test.

Step 7: Visit and choose "Forgot your login info?".

Step 8: Enter your primary Lane email, and then use the email from ALEKS to set a password at

Step 9: Use your user name and password to launch the test at your scheduled appointment.

Remote Testing Information

You may choose to do your placement tests in-person, remotely at another location other than Lane Community College. Some colleges may offer Accuplacer and/or ALEKS tests in proximity to where you presently live.

Note: Remote Testing deadlines, and on-campus in-person testing deadlines to enroll are the same as shown in the Lane Community College "Steps To Enroll".

If you need assistance, contact the Testing Office preferably by email, at: for possible remote testing locations near you.