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Question: I tested for my GED in Oregon. How do I get a copy of my GED transcript?
Answer: All transcript requests for those who tested in Oregon are processed through GED Testing Service.

If you are a recent GED completer when and how do I get my transcript: Within 2 hours of passing your last test you will get an email with a copy of an electronic transcript. Once you receive your transcript, you can forward it to any job or school wanting a copy of their transcript.

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Government Issued ID Requirements

Before testing, you must be able to provide one of the following current government-issued documents: ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicles, a Driver's License, Military ID, Passport or Tribal Council ID. 

You must bring your ID with you to each testing session. If you do not bring your ID you will not be allowed to test.

Locking up personal items

Before your test you will need to empty all pockets and remove jewelry including watches.  Cell phone will need to be turned off. You will be monitored by camera during the test.

Eligibility Requirements for 16 and 17 years of age

You do not need to be an Oregon resident to test, but you cannot have a high school diploma or be enrolled in high school.  You must go to your local high school to get the proper documentation:

  1. A letter, printed on school letterhead, for Exemption from Compulsory Attendance. This must be from the school district in which you are currently residing; OR
  2. You need to be enrolled in an Oregon Option Program.  Talk with your local high school to see if you are eligible and to get the forms.

If you are 16 or 17, you need to obtain one of the two documents mentioned above before you can register for a GED test.

Testing Information

Content Area Duration Price
MAT: GED® Test - Mathematical Reasoning 115 minutes USD $38.00
RLA: GED® Test - Reasoning Through Language Arts 155 minutes USD $38.00
SCI: GED® Test - Science 95 minutes USD $38.00
SOC: GED® Test - Social Studies 95 minutes USD $38.00

Retesting Fee - There is a $10.00 retest fee per test for 2 retests in each subject area. After that you will pay regular price. Retakes must occur within 12 calendar months of the initial attempt. If you would like to study please go to and sign up for the GED Ready tests.

Testing Accommodations - GED Testing Service is committed to ensuring access to the GED® test for all individuals with disabilities and supports the intention of the American with Disabilities Act as amended (ADAAA). See if you qualify for accommodations.

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