Sustainable Practices - Departments - Facilities

Sustainable Practices - Departments

January 2013 Featured Deparment: Facilities Management and Planning

LED Installation
Electricians replacing old exterior lights
with energy efficient LED lights.

The Facilities Management & Planning department has taken great strides towards reducing its impact on the environment. Pesticide use has been eliminated from campus gardening practices. Native landscaping installations help to restore wildlife habitat while creating a natural space that requires very limited maintenance. A new Integrated Pest Management Plan provides FMP employees with steps to eliminate pests from buildings without using chemicals. Electric hand dryers in restrooms reduce garbage and allow Custodians to spend more time on cleaning and less time on emptying trash. Campus painters use low VOC paints. Campus planners consider sustainable design including use of locally-sourced building materials and daylighting. The FMP office is moving to paperless systems across the board.

The following links provide more detailed information on the great work that is being done in several of the FMP units.

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