Sustainability Infusion Project

Sustainability in Curriculum Resources

In 2008, Lane was awarded an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Grant to provide training and resources for instructors for the purpose of providing the instructors with the ability to infuse sustainability concepts into their courses. This page provides the materials and resources that were developed during the implementation of this grant. These resources can be used by instructors interested in learning more about infusing sustainability into their curriculum. 

Teaching Materials

Sustainability Infusion Project Powerpoint

A transdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning sustainability: A pedagogy for life
Dora Marinova and Natalie McGrath

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability as Core Requirements: Success Stories and Models by Debra Rowe

Sustainability Terms - Created by the Winter 2008 Introduction to Sustainability Class

Helpful sustainability websites

Global Health and Sustainability Links

Infusion ideas brainstormed by 2/18/09 training participants

Sustainability Readings & Resources

McClaughry 1989 on Democracy

Hill, 2006 Against Sustainability

Orr 2004 Introduction to Ecological Literacy

Edwards 2005 excerpts

UN 2008 on Sustainable Development

Lappe 1985 on the Politics of Food

Cortese 1999 on Perspective

Parris, Kates, Leisorwitz on Sustainable Development

Talberth 2008 on Sustainable Economics

Talberth, Cobb, and Slattery 2007 on Genuine Progress Indicator

Brown 2008 on Saving Civilization

World Council of Churches 2005 on Alternatives to Globalization

Shiva 2005 on Turning Scarcity into Abundance

Poole-Kavana 2006 on Myths about Hunger

Epstein on Climate, Ecology, and Human Health

Lee and Heilig on Environment and Health

Myers 2002 on Scientific Revolution

Hawken on Natural Capitalism

Shiva 2003 an interview

Shiva on Bringing People Back Into the Economy

The Story of Stuff - a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled film looking at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. Free on the internet.


Pre-training survey - This survey is to be taken by instructors prior to attending the Sustainability Infusion Project training.

Post-training survey - This survey is to be taken by instructors at the end of the Sustainability Infusion Project training.

Planning Form - This form may be used as a guide for thinnking through the modifications an instructor would want to make to a course.

Tracking Form - Once an instructor modifies a course to include sustainability content, this form should be completed and sent to the Institute for Sustainable Practices for tracking purposes.

Student Feedback Survey - This survey is for students who have taken a course modified with sustainability content.