Green Office Application

Green Office Certification Program

Green Office Application

Be sure to review all the information on the Green Office Certification Program information page, then complete the application form below.

Energy Conservation

Other considerations:

  • Post reminders at the light switches. To request of a handful of "Save energy, Turn it off stickers," email Jennifer Hayward.
  • Turn off overhead lights if desk lamps and/or natural sunlight are sufficient.
  • Properly dispose of used compact fluorescent lamps.

Other considerations:

  • Screen savers help prolong screen life, but they use energy. Having the monitor automatically power off is a better choice.

Other considerations:

• Use a plug strip with a motion sensor that automatically turns off electronics when you have been out of the room for a specified period of time. Submit a work request to obtain a plug strip.
• Eliminate fax machines and add fax functionality to the department copier.
• Share a color copier/printer with other departments so as to avoid having another printer that will always be on, but rarely used.
• Eliminate desktop printers and have everyone print to a central location with a high capacity printer/copier.

Water Conservation

Solid Waste Reduction

a. We have moved to paperless filing or other systems.

b. For academic departments: we require students to turn in work electronically, on double-sided paper, or paper that has already been used on one side.
c. We use the PaperCut environmental report and attempt to lower overall print usage in comparison to similar periods in the past.

Other considerations:

  • Limit the use of colored paper and use lighter colors because it is more difficult to recycle heavily dyed and dark colored paper.
  • Use the PaperCut print management client software to monitor printing.
  • Avoid color copiers because they have much smaller capacities in their black toner cartridges and using a color copier for black and white printing tends to increase the consumption of plastic toner cartridges.




a. Products with recycled content.
b. Products with reduced packaging.
c. Energy efficient.
d. Locally harvested and/or manufactured.
e. Durable.
f. Recyclable.
g. Lower toxicity.
h. Organic.
i. Humanely raised.
j. Fair trade.
k. Sweat-shop free.
l. Minority-owned and women-owned businesses.


Wellness/Equity/Social Sustainability

Building the Movement

Innovation for Sustainability