Green Certified Offices

Green Certified Offices

May 2013

Small Business Development Center
Congratulations to Lane's Small Business Development Center for being the first department to achieve the Green Office Certification. The SBDC received 20 out of 25 possible points thereby attaining the highest level of certification – the coveted Triple Green Star! To celebrate the SBDC's achievement, the Sustainability Committee hosted a lunch for all of the SBDC staff made from produce from Lane's Learning Garden. Highlights of SBDC's sustainable practices include supplying reusable serviceware at department meetings rather than disposable and including sustainability in all job postings. 

June 2013

Mathematics Division
Mathematics recently became the second division to receive the Green Office Certification with 20 out of 25 points.  Employees in this Division are really doing their part to reduce Lane's greenhouse gas emissions! To save energy, the Math/Engineering Computer Lab's equipment is shuts down after 30 minutes of no activity and the Division trains students to shut down the computer and turn off the monitor after each use.  To reduce emissions from commuting, over 30% of Math employees carpool, walk, bus, bike, or telecommute at least two days per week. 

July 2013

Professional and Organizational Development & Diversity Office
Congratulations to the Professional and Organizational Development & Diversity Office for being the third Lane department to receive the Green Office Certification with the most points so far! This group earned 23 out of 25 points for activities such as greening the Fall In-service and Spring Conference all staff events by minimizing handouts and eliminating paper cup waste. To celebrate, the Institute for Sustainable Practices provided the POD & Diversity Office folks with a fantastic lunch made from Learning Garden produce.   

September 2013

Office of the President
Lane's Office of the President recently became the fourth Lane department to receive Green Office Certification with 20 out of 25 points. Everyone in the Office of the President turns off lights when they are not needed, shuts off their computers at night, uses the power management features on their computers and prints double-sided or on paper already used on one side. President Spilde's staff has also significantly reduced printing by moving to mostly electronic distribution of the monthly Board of Education packet. Finally, President Spilde and her team are tireless champions of promoting sustainability within Lane and outside of Lane to our community and to community colleges nationally.

January 2014

Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education is Triple Green Star Green Office Certified! They received 20 out of 25 points and their efforts are impressive. Of course, all members of the division turn off lights and other electronics when not needed. However, Coop is taking their commitment to "turning it off" to the next level by requesting motion sensors for the lights in their break room and conference room for those times when guests forget to turn out the lights. Division staff have also switched from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs in task lamps and removed mini-fridges from individual offices.