No Cash Clothing Stash

No Cash Clothing Stash

Located in the Center bldg, Room 006- SUMMER HOURS begin on July 5th.

No Cash Clothing location

The No Cash Clothing Stash is a non-profit, free thrift store for current, registered students of Lane Community College. We accept clothing and shoes for all ages.

We only take clean items. We do not have a place to launder the items we receive.

We do not accept used undergarments, hats or socks. 

Students are allowed to take out up to five items a week or trade like items for like items, depending on the current inventory.

Donations are tax deductible. We are located in the Center building, bottom level, room 006.

For more information contact Tina Lymath at (541) 463-5336 or the Clothing Stash directly at (541) 463-5283.

*Hours are subject to change based on student worker schedules.

*There may be down times as large donations come in and need to be sorted.

Rainy Day Food Pantry

The Rainy Day food pantry is around the corner from the clothing stash in room 010.

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