Faculty Reflection

Faculty Reflection and Self-evaluation

Your reflections as a faculty member are important to us! Upon completion of a Service Learning project, faculty are requested to complete the following self-evaluation. Our goal is to sustain Service Learning beyond its initial launch. Your responses to this questionnaire will assist us in our efforts to increase service learning across the disciplines and sustain projects that serve our campus and community. Thank you!

Faculty Reflection Questionnaire

  1. Why were you drawn to the Service Learning project?
  2. Explain the project as a whole. How would you rate the experience for you as an instructor, on a scale for 1 to 5, with 1=poor and 5=high?
  3. What if anything did you gain from the experience?
  4. What if anything do you think your students gained from the experience?
  5. From your perspective, how did the community agency or agencies benefit? Specifically, which agencies/locations did you send students to complete Service Learning?
  6. How did the service activity contribute to class material? Were the connections easy or difficult to make? Please provide 2-3 specific examples.
  7. What was your initial experience with your students? Did it change over the term? How? When?
  8. What problems did you encounter? Were these resolved? How? Why? Please be specific, naming the site(s) where the problem occurred and how you resolved the conflict.
  9. Did you feel rewarded? In what ways? What factors do you attribute to this?
  10. What would you say was your greatest success story in this experience?
  11. What would you say was your biggest challenge in this experience?
  12. Would you recommend changes to the course/Service Learning project? What changes would you recommend?
  13. Will you engage in Service Learning in this course again? Will you coordinate with the same agencies or make connections with new agencies/sites?
  14. Would you recommend the incorporation of Service Learning to other instructors? Why or why not?