Science Resource Center

Science Resource Center

The Science Resource Center (SRC) houses services and materials to help you succeed in your science classes, but is closed for Spring term during the period of remote instruction. Services are being provided through campus Tutoring Services.

Printable Brochure for SRC Fall, Winter, Spring Terms

Services offered:

  • Science Tutors are available throughout the operating hours of the Center. Tutor schedule information is available at the front desk
  • Instructors are encouraged to meet students in the Center and can offer small study sessions.
  • Study alone or with a group using lab materials and study aids.
  • Computers and printers are available for science and math work only.
  • Specialized software is available, such as graphing programs, MATLAB, and others.
  • A microwave oven and hot water tap are available for refreshment, HOWEVER, no drinks or food is allowed near the computers. All drinks must be in covered cups and food eaten in the area with the linoleum floor.

Study Spaces available:

  • Open Study: This is a place for group study happens. Models, large tables, and whiteboards are available for large groups, small groups and people who like to study in a crowd.
  • Quiet Study: a room for individual, quiet study. This room is shared with the Math Resource Center.
  • Main Room:
    • Tutor area
    • Check-out desk where services, books, and other materials can be obtained.
    • Lab area with microscopes, computers, and scales used in lab classes.
  • A&P Study Room: An area for pre-nursing and biology study, with models, keys, and computers; tutors are often available.
  • Testing Rooms: Two testing rooms are available for students to take tests and quizzes left by instructors; to be coordinated with your Science instructor.

Tuition-Free Registration:

*Please note: there are no SRC CRNs being used for Spring Term 2020 during remote instruction*

Tutoring services are available by contacting their office. Their web site has their contact information and resources available.

Thanks for your support!