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Guided by a regional advisory board, the Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) has provided energy efficiency training and development throughout the Northwest region for more than 30 years. The organization has successfully provided significant opportunities to train professional technicians who can immediately contribute to resource savings in their own communities and was the first college in the nation to offer a degree in energy management through Lane Community College. For more information, call (541) 463-6160 or email

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Degree Programs

We are pleased to offer 2-year degree programs (Associate of Applied Science) in the following areas:

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Energy Management Technician (online)

This online degree brings a two-year degree to your doorstep. Utilizing a mix of online content, innovative partnerships and fieldwork mentors, this program is all about learning how to apply basic physics and analytical techniques to measure and define energy use of commercial buildings. The goal is to be able to evaluate and recommend alternative energy solutions that will result in greater energy efficiency, comfort and lower energy costs for owner and or occupants.

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Energy Management Technician: Building Controls Technician Option

Today’s buildings are complex technological structures comprised of interactive systems charged with delivering safe, healthy and affordable physical environments. Building automation integrates these electronic and mechanical systems in order to optimize operations and create an efficient "smart" building. Building Controls Option produces technicians who understand both programming, networking and building systems.

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Water Conservation Technician

As water related issues continue to increase, more voluntary and mandatory water conservation opportunities are being created that require a technical skill set. The Water Conservation Technician Program trains individuals to evaluate water use patterns; develop, implement, market and maintain conservation programs; perform public outreach; recommend water efficiency techniques; integrate alternative water sources; and perform systems analysis to solve problems.

Additional Educational Opportunitites

Additional Educational Opportunities:
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The NWEEI provides training for the National Building Operators Certification throughout Oregon as well as workshop opportunities for business owners, contractors, engineers, architects, consultants, utility personnel, and energy managers.