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Energy Management Technician: Building Controls Technician Option

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Associate of Applied Science in Energy Management with an Option in Building Controls

The Building Controls Option shares the first year core courses with Energy Management and Renewable Energy option students. In the second year of studies, students concentrate on the systems, networks and devices that control mechanical equipement within commercial buildings.

Today’s buildings are complex technological structures comprised of interactive systems charged with delivering safe, healthy and affordable physical environments. Building automation integrates these electronic and mechanical systems in order to optimize operations and create an efficient “smart” building.

Many computer programmers who are writing code for newer building automation systems excel at their craft but often have no practical knowledge of the systems they control. The Energy Management - Building Controls Option produces technicians who understand both programming and building systems.

Today’s controls workforce is responsible for delivering much more than reliable operations and/or expected temperature comfort to a particular building area.

Charles Cohen Sustainability Education Director SIEMENS, Infrastructure & Cities

Earn $38,000- 45,000 annually while helping to create a positive change within our built environment

In addition to interacting with a building automation system, the new generation of controls mechanics and managers must understand energy procurement and consumption, how buildings interact with both external and internal events, alternative energy sources and their integration into existing systems, remote services and building access, as well as how to deliver an interactive controls system that delivers value to customers.

Graduates Of The Program Are Able To

  • Use typical control system management software to evaluate energy use patterns for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Analyze a variety of commercial HVAC and lighting systems from a controls perspective.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot existing control systems.
  • Become familiar with modules and electronics commonly used to implement building automation.
  • Develop and evaluate inferences and predictions that are based on collected data.
  • Recommend energy efficiency and alternative control solutions for high energy consuming buildings.
  • Understand the interactions between energy consuming building systems and implement control changes based on that understanding.

Our Goal is Your Success!

After completing the program, your goal will be employment and we take that very seriously. We continually seek out and participate in local, regional, and national networking opportunities for one simple reason - to promote our students directly to those who have the ability to provide jobs.

By providing you with a quality education built around an industry approved job task analysis, we are extremely confident that you will be successful.

Some relevant job titles are:

  • Building Controls - Operator, Programmer, Technician, Sales
  • Facility Manager
  • Control System Specialist
  • Controls Contractor