Success and Goal Attainment

The Success and Goal Attainment Committee (SAGA) is a group of staff and faculty from many disciplines at Lane with the focus on improving student success.

SAGA works to: determine criteria and target areas for success and retention efforts through an inclusive process and consistent with the College's mission and goals. It emphasizes the understanding of barriers to success and retention from both a student point of view and a faculty/staff point of view, in addition to gleaning best practices from the literature on student success, retention, and related areas.

SAGA also coordinates Lane success and retention efforts that are guided by informed vision, bringing data into the developmental and decision-making processes related to success and retention. Finally, SAGA recommendations ensure college-wide involvement in success and retention efforts, as well as, identify resources that are critical in moving success and retention efforts forward.

We hope your visit to the SAGA website provides information, knowledge and resources allowing you to develop best practices to assist students in their academic, career and life pursuits.

SAGA Committee Members

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