Safety Committee Duties and Functions

Duties and Functions of Safety Committee

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  • Elect committee co-chairs. Co-chair positions shall be two-year terms. The terms shall be staggered by one year and shall begin in October.
  • Hold regular meetings at least once a month except months when quarterly workplace safety inspections are held.
  • Maintain written records of all meetings, including meeting agendas and minutes. Post minutes and agendas on the Safety Committee website and send them to each division for posting.

  • Establish a system to obtain and review safety-related suggestions, reports of hazards or other information directly from all persons involved in the operations of the workplace that would help in creating a safe work environment.
  • photo of Barbara Dumbleton and Jennifer HaywardEstablish procedures for investigating all safety-related incidents including injury accidents, illnesses and deaths for the purpose of recommending corrective action necessary to prevent similar events from recurring.
  • Evaluate the College's policies and procedures, which may affect safety and health in the workplace and make recommendations for change or adoption of new policies and procedures to the Vice President for College Operations.
  • Evaluate the College's accountability system and make recommendations necessary to implement supervisor and employee accountability for safety and health to the Vice President for College Operations.
  • Evaluate the College's safety and health training practices and recommend procedures necessary to ensure that all employees are trained to perform their work in a safe manner to the Vice President for College Operations.
  • Ensure that workplace inspections are conducted by Building Safety Representatives to locate, identify and document safety and health hazards on a quarterly basis and submit list of corrections to the appropriate department.
  • Make recommendations regarding correction of the hazards to the Vice President for College Operations.
  • Establish a procedure to review corrective action taken by the College on all safety and health inspection reports and all recommendations made to the Vice President for College Operations by the committee.

Co-chair duties may include:

  • Scheduling meetings, notifying members
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Inviting specialists or resource persons as required
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Ensuring all discussion items end with a positive decision
  • Reviewing and approving the minutes
  • Assigning projects to members
  • Ensuring that the committee carries out its function