Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions 

2010/11 through 2014/15

March 23, 2010

Lane transforms students' lives through learning

We acknowledge that students occupy many roles, including those of family members, workers, members of social groups, and citizens of an increasingly interconnected world.

We provide educational experiences, support services and institutional structures that enhance student learning and success. 

In our work in and outside of the classroom, and in our daily interactions with students and one another, we aim to empower all students; we encourage students to grow, to take risks, and to assume responsibility for succeeding in all aspects of their lives.

2014-2015 Mission Fulfillment and Strategic Directions Report


Strategic Directions Assessment Report 2013-14

A Liberal Education Approach for Student Learning

Equip students to become global citizens with the broad knowledge and transferable skills characterizing a liberal education approach

Expand application of the liberal education approach throughout the college's programs and services

Optimal Student Preparation, Progression and Completion

Promote students' progression to goal completion by knowing our students and creating needed systems, processes and learning environments

Support academically underprepared students' progression to college-level coursework by providing them with foundational skills classes and support

Online Learning and Educational Resources

Build capacity in faculty and staff to create high-quality, sustainable and innovative online learning and educational resources

Provide the required tools, infrastructure and professional development to use emerging technologies for expanding online learning and educational resources

Explore the effectiveness of online learning and educational resources

A Sustainable Learning and Working Environment

Build understanding of sustainable ecological, social and economic systems and practices among the college communities

Apply principles of sustainable economics, resource use, and social institutions to Lane's learning and working environments

A Diverse and Inclusive Learning and Working Environment

Create a diverse and inclusive learning college

Develop institutional capacity to respond effectively and respectfully to students, staff, and community members of all cultures, languages, classes, races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and abilities

A Safe Learning and Working Environment

Maintain safe learning and working environment

Improve practices and resources that secure property

Promote activities, practices and processes that encourage civil discourse and protect college communities from discrimination, harassment, threats, and harm

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