Quality Care Connections: Offering child care solutions so Oregon can work. 

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What We Do For Employers

  • Offer workplace resource and referral programs.
  • Consult on work-life strategies to boost recruitment, retention and productivity.
  • Coordinate Employer-Sponsored Child Care Networks.
  • Conduct work-life effectiveness training for managers, supervisors and employees.

Child Care Provider Networks
Child Care Provider Networks are a group of experienced, professional family and center based child care providers who are dedicated to offering quality child care. Networks are designed to meet the child care needs of specific employers and their employees.

Quality Care Connections enrolls child care providers that meet specific qualifications and standards and are committed to continuing assessment and professional development. These providers prioritize child care slots for employees and many times offer special promotional discounts. To learn more about Child Care Provider Networks call or email:

Cheryle Myers at (541) 463-3302

Enhanced Referral Service
Quality Care Connections offers an enhanced child care resource and referral service that helps employees explore all types of child care and recreational activity arrangements for children from 0 to 16 years of age. Trained specialists help employees become informed consumers who can choose the child care program most suited to their family's needs.They answer questions about child care issues and child development as it is related to child care.

The personal attention given to your employees provides the information and support they need to locate and evaluate an appropriate program. When an employee calls Quality Care Connections s/he speaks directly with a child care specialist, who is specifically trained in counseling parents about their child care options. FC is a community-based agency and subcontracts with other community-based resource and referral agencies across the State of Oregon; therefore employees always speak to a child care specialist who has personal knowledge about the child care availability in the area in which the parent is searching. FC understands families have different needs and therefore need information about different types of child care.

Work-Life Training
Quality Care Connections offers a training for area employers to help them create flexible, supportive workplaces that address employee personal needs and realize bottom-line benefits at the same time. Geared to managers and supervisors, the training called Managing the 21st Century Workforce, is designed to help employers make changes in their workplace culture in order to appeal to today's increasingly diverse workforce.

Studies show that in good times and bad times, offering a flexible, supportive work environment is the number one strategy in attracting and retaining today's talented workers, said Susan Seitel, Work Family Connection, Inc. For many managers, moving to this kind of work environment will mean adopting a new management style, and change is never easy. With so many women and single parents working today, savvy employers are having to learn how to help employees manage their personal responsibilities along with being good workers. More employers are turning to flexible schedules, child care, and elder care assistance, and other work-life policies and programs that address employees personal needs. As a result, employers across the country are reporting savings realized through reduced absenteeism and increased productivity that is coming from a higher level of commitment from their employees.

For more information or to schedule a presentation for your company, contact us.

Child Care and Employment Issues
An Employer Consultant can assist with planning for the needs of your employees and your organization. On-site workshops, individual consultations and printed materials on parenting and selecting quality child care are available. Quarterly statistical reports on employee use and employee satisfaction with services. For information relating to Child Care and Employment issues visit these sites:

Early Learning Division
This site includes information on The Big Change, Oregon's plan for improving work-life issues for working families and a link to the quarterly business publication Smart Moves.

Families and Work Institute
A nonprofit strategic planning and consulting organization contributing to the development of public policy and the development of solutions to work-life problems.

Oregon Child Care Resource Referral Network Information
Information on current child care and education initiatives in Oregon, and other facts about resources and referral services.