Finance & Administration Program Review Overview and Guide

Finance & Operations Program Review
Overview and Guide


Program Review is a structured self-study process for evaluating and continuously enhancing the quality, currency and effectiveness of Lane’s programs and services in meeting the needs of our students, college and community. Overview of College Services and Student Affairs Program Review Process (PDF)

The objective of Program Review is to engage faculty, staff, managers, and peer reviewers in:

  • Assessing quality, effectiveness, and alignment with Lane’s mission
  • Building shared vision
  • Identifying and understanding benchmarks and key performance indicators
  • Understanding our operating environments, strengths, and strategic issues and opportunities
  • Developing strategies, goals and objectives for the future
  • Evaluating and recognizing progress toward goals

Why Program Review Matters

Program review serves as a multi-year strategic plan at the department/division level that is based upon the shared vision and understanding of program faculty and staff. It provides the opportunity for thoughtful reflection, inquiry, goal setting and assessment and a framework for continuous process improvement and adaptation.

Additionally, program review provides a vital link between program instruction and/or support activities and the operation of the College through planning and budgeting. Program review informs operating plans, funding requests, and grants, projects and initiatives.

Program review also serves as a primary mechanism for ensuring the work of departments and divisions is optimally aligned with the college’s mission, strategic directions, accreditation standards, employer needs, and relevant national, state and local benchmarks.