Teamwork & Facilitation Credit & Non-Credit Courses

Programs - Credit and Non-Credit Courses

Teamwork and Facilitation

Understanding Teamwork

BA 278 - Leadership & Team Dynamics
ed2go - Leadership
ed2go - Supervision and Management II, Fundamentals of
ES 102 - Contemporary Racial & Ethnic Issues
SOC 206 - Institutions and Social Change
SP 218 - Interpersonal Communication
SP 219 - Small Group Discussion
XCOM 0654 - Conflict Resolution
XCOM 0783 - Group Development

Skill Enhancement

BT 146 - Team Building Skills
ed2go - Difficult People, Achieving Success with
ed2go - Event, Wow, What a Great
ed2go - High Speed Project Management
ed2go - Hire Smart
ed2go - Project Management Applications
ed2go - Project Management Fundamentals
ed2go - Technical Professionals, Managing
SKD 095 - Time Management

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