Teaching & Learning Credit & Non-Credit Courses

Programs - Credit and Non-Credit Courses

Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Development/Instructional Design

  • ed2go - Classroom Computer, The
  • ed2go - Classroom Discipline Problems, Solving
  • ed2go - Creative Classroom, The
  • ed2go - Difficult People, Achieving Success with
  • ed2go - Internet in the Classroom, Using the
  • ed2go - PowerPoint in the Classroom

Learning Theory

  • PHL 202 - Theories of Knowledge
  • SKD 097 - Memory and Learning

Not all courses are offered every term.  Log on to myLane to see if courses are available this term. Once you log-in, click on the Enrollment Services section of ExpressLane. Click on "Registration" and then "Look up Classes to Add." Follow the directions provided to search for your desired class.