Lane POD Skills Training System

Skills Support and Training (SST)

Supporting Lane's Administrative Professionals

The Skills Support and Training program provides quality on-the-job training and accessible reference materials to support Lane's administrative personnel.  Our goal is to ensure that classified administrators have access to the following support for any important administrative operations, especially including Banner procedures:

  1. Certified Skills Trainers - Skilled in delivering one-on-one on-the-job training
  2. Structured On-the-Job Training - Timely, accurate, and effective
  3. Competency Certification - Consistent, rigorous and credible
  4. Admin KnowledgeBase - Searchable quick-reference system

The Four SST Operations

SST consists of four operations that work together to provide integrated training, certification, and performance-support systems for Lane's administrative professionals:

  1. Admin KnowledgeBase
  2. Skills Training and Certification System
  3. Certified Skills Trainer Program
  4. SST Program Administration

Bookmark or print this PDF fact sheet for a convenient reminder of the What, Where, and How of SST.  Please share it with your co-workers.