Get Your Skills Certified

Get Your Skills Certified

Share Your Expertise

If you already know how to do the job, but would like to get your skills documented, SST would like to help you get certified. This will help us capture your expertise in the form of quick-reference checklists, while getting you more recognition for your skills. Getting skills certifications does NOT mean that you have to become a skills trainer.

How to Get Certification Through SST

If you want to pursue certification for one or more skills, just fill out the Skills Ceritification Request Form to let us know who you are and what tasks you want to certify in. SST will help you find any existing quick-reference checklists or other documentation on the task and will arrange for you to be certified by a CST or other authorized expert in the task.

Certify Yourself!

If you are the first to certify in a given area, you may be asked to self-certify by writing and submitting a certification checklist for approval by the relevant custodial department.