Get Training and Certification

Get Training & Certification

Please Contact SST

If you or a member of your department needs training, we hope you will work with SST to document the correct procedures and deliver the training, even if the training will be done by an expert in your department. This is true whether or not the trainee will require access to Banner user classes. We want to collaborate with Lane's administrative staff to capture their expertise and establish an effective and efficient training and certification system for administrative procedures.

How to Get SST Support

To obtain training and/or certification support from SST, or to work with SST to document training that you are doing in your department, please fill out the Training & Certification Request Form. This form will document the trainee, topic, and timeframe for the training, and the name of the trainer, if known.

How SST Supports Training and/or Certification

SST will work with you to complete the following steps:

  1. Find a Certified Skills Trainer who is expert in the task(s) to be trained, OR assist your chosen trainer in obtaining CST status.
  2. Locate or Develop Certification Checklists for the procedures to be trained. Checklists may be developed or revised by the trainer and trainee DURING the training and submitted to SST after the training is completed.
  3. Schedule and Deliver One-on-One Training and follow-up coaching until the trainer certifies the competency of the trainee.
  4. Submit Completed Certification Checklists to SST documenting the trainee's competency on the task, as well as details of any new or revised procedures.
  5. Submit the Skills Trainer Evaluation to SST, so that we can assist the trainer in developing and maintaining his or her effectiveness as a trainer and coach.
  6. Obtain Access to Banner Modules or other restricted applications required by the trainee to perform the tasks.