Contribute to the Admin Knowledgebase

contributing to the admin KNowledgease

Help us document correct and reliable procedures for Administrative staff in a searchable knowledgebase: We will work with you and the custodial department (if applicable) to publish documentation on any widely-used procedure. You do not need to attend any workshops or training. We will gladly accept your documentation in any format; we just want to capture your expertise. 

It is easy to contribute:

Send Us Documentation -

Send emails, files or links with instructions, checklists, flowcharts, or other process documentation to We will edit and publish the materials as soon as we are able.

Become a Knowledgebase Editor -

Want to contribute directly to the admin knowledgebse?

If you want to be able to quickly develop and publish knowledgebase articles, or verify that articles are accurate and up to date; we would like to train you and give you an editor account.

If you want to become one of our Editors, please fill out the Kbase Editor Application Form.