Certified Skills Trainer Program

Certified Skills Trainer (CST)

CSTs: Accurate Viral Learning

The Certified Skills Trainer Program allows Lane personnel to obtain certification for cross-training their peers in their own and other departments at Lane on specified tasks. In this way, a cohort of effective trainers, with a variety of technical skills, will develop and grow across the campus, able to deliver effective training when and where it is needed.

CST Training

CSTs are trained in a simple and highly effective Structured On-the-Job Training model, emphasizing hands-on training based on quick-reference materials to support the trainee during and after training. This system supports retention and transfer of learned skills by training a reference-based skill, rather than a memory-based skill.

CST Quality Assurance

CST training and certification is based on a concrete and effective one-page checklist of effective skills training procedures. CSTs use this checklist as a reference during training, to remind them of best practices in one-on-one skills training. At the conclusion of training, the trainee will use the same checklist as an evaluation to provide reinforcement and feedback to the trainer.

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