Become a Certified Skills Trainer

Become a Certified Skills Trainer

If you would like to cross-train your classified peers at LaneCC, or, if you already do so, but would like to have more credibility and recognition for your training, you should become a Certified Skills Trainer (CST). All you have to do is attend our fun and effective Certified Skills Trainer workshop.


If you have one or more technical job skills that you would like to share and you have your manager's support, you can become a CST.

CST Process:

  1. Fill out the form below indicating your interest
  2. Obtain certification on the skills you want to deliver training on. You can do this by getting certified by an existing CST, or by having SST certify you based on training you deliver.
  3. Attend the two-hour Certified Skills Trainer workshop, where you will observe and demonstrate effective skills training practices.
  4. Deliver skills training and certification to a classified peer and encourage them to complete the Skills Trainer Evaluation.
  5. Submit a completed certification checklist and cover sheet documenting the trainees competency
  6. Once we receive a Skills Trainer Evaluation filled out by your trainee, either from the trainee directly or from you, we will send you your Skills Trainer certification.


CSTs are encouraged, but NOT required to provide training to peers in other departments, as their regular duties permit.  Training duties within your department are up to you and your manager. To maintain your CST certification, you must encourage those you train to complete the Skills Trainer Evaluation form.

Advantages of Becoming a CST:

  1. Quicker Access to Banner - Expedite access to Banner modules for others in your department by cross-training them yourself.
  2. Accuracy - Use certification checklists and CST methodology to ensure procedures you train are accurately learned and reliably followed after training.
  3. Professional Development - Document your training skills and activities to build your resume and increase your earning potential.


Ready to become a CST? Fill out the SST Certified Skills Trainer Application form and we will contact you to provide support and instructions.