About Skills Training and Certification

The Skills Training and Certification System

The Skills Training and Certification process is a simple and direct. You can use it to obtain training and certification for any member of your work team and, if applicable, to get access to Banner modules required for their position. The SST program will coordinate and assist with the following steps:

  • PLAN: Contact SST to request training and cerfitication for yourself or a member of your department. SST will identify or develop a Certified Skills Trainer (CST) certified to train on the identified task.
  • DOCUMENT: SST helps trainer and department locate or develop a quick-reference checklist covering the task, and update it to reflect department-specific requirements.
  • DELIVER: CST delivers structured on-the-job training, using the quick-ref checklist to facilitate training and to document competency. The CST may revise the checlist to correct weaknesses or add position-specific details.
  • COACH: Trainee practices each step and quality criterion detailed in the quick-ref until the CST initials the item to indicate that the trainee has demonstrated reliable and stable competency on that step.
  • CERTIFY: Once all sub-tasks are initialed, the CST submits training and certification records to SST. SST forwards the certification to the trainee, the trainee's department, and any applicable Banner custodians: (Enrollment Services, Finance, Human Resources).
  • RECORD: SST records the training activity in a database, where we track training activity and outcomes by trainer, by trainee, by department, and by task.

Get Training and Certification for yourself or someone in your department.